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Language Lu version 2.6.1 released

Language Lu version 2.6.1 has been released on Google Play and Slideme markets with Chinese Android markets coming in the next few days.

Several bugs were fixed as well as minor interface redesign of the Settings view. Other minor interface enhancements were done as well. Please see the full update list below. Please report any bugs or feature requests on this blog or email at 88depot1 AT gmail DOT com – Thank you!

Updates for 2.6.1:
– Now after entering text to translate the keyboard is switched off to show translation so users do not have to scroll down in crowded window space

– Modified background color slightly to be lighter so there is more contract with text, buttons, an d other elements.

– Fixed tablet styling on language guide categories so that they are now centered vertically

– Fixed rare cause of bug crash when trying to download a language pack when already on the phrases

– Fixed app to cancel downloading language pack when app is closed

– Fixed tablet styling on Translate screen such that language selection items are now larger

– Restyled all language selection dropdown to use larger country icons for easier selection