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Steve Wozniak Uses Xiaomi Phone

Interestingly, Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) recently proclaimed he’s now a Xiaomi user. Xiaomi, the Chinese cell phone manufacture and producer of the awesome MIUI Android-based ROM, has grown rapidly in the last year with 18.7 million sales last year (2013). The MIUI skin on Android is very slick and to see Steve Wozniak agree really gives credibility to Xiaomi’s efforts at disrupting the mobile scene with its low cost hardware and awesome skinned Android ROM.

Read the full article here:
xiaomi visit from steve wozniak


Language Lu now on SlideMe.org

For those without Google Play Market installed on their Android device, or if you just want to use a different Android market, Language Lu is now listed on SlideMe.org. Download it here.

Learning categories include: Greetings, Directions, People, Places, Date and Time, Numbers.

Features language Quiz which allows you to select quiz questions from all learning categories, or narrow your focus and select an individual category. Select 10 or 20 questions for a quick quiz – or 50 questions if you are ready to be challenged.