New Language Lu web-based version

New Language Lu web-based version now available to learn languages. Right now only English as the native language and Chinese Mandarin as the foreign language is available but more languages and functionality are to come. In the mean time, download the app (currently only available on Android)! ;-]

Check it out:

Language Lu Web App

Language Lu Home

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Language Lu – New 2.6.3 Version Released on Google Play Store

New Language Lu 2.6.3 version released on Google Play Store. Lots of changes in this release that will hopefully give a better experience using the app. Please check it out and share the URL Language Lu if you know others wanting to learn Chinese, French, Japanese, etc.

Google Play Store

Other Download Sources (note: only Google Play has latest version so far)

Thanks and enjoy!!

Release details:

Updates for 2.6.3:
– Redesigned Settings screen, download manager, and language selection menus. Restyled user interface when phrases are selected.
– Updated several Chinese and English audio to improve quality and also added 3 new phrases in Greetings section for English and Chinese (e.g. I love you)
– Added more information under About screen.
– Other minor bug fixes and improvements


Language Lu version 2.6.1 released

Language Lu version 2.6.1 has been released on Google Play and Slideme markets with Chinese Android markets coming in the next few days.

Several bugs were fixed as well as minor interface redesign of the Settings view. Other minor interface enhancements were done as well. Please see the full update list below. Please report any bugs or feature requests on this blog or email at 88depot1 AT gmail DOT com – Thank you!

Updates for 2.6.1:
– Now after entering text to translate the keyboard is switched off to show translation so users do not have to scroll down in crowded window space

– Modified background color slightly to be lighter so there is more contract with text, buttons, an d other elements.

– Fixed tablet styling on language guide categories so that they are now centered vertically

– Fixed rare cause of bug crash when trying to download a language pack when already on the phrases

– Fixed app to cancel downloading language pack when app is closed

– Fixed tablet styling on Translate screen such that language selection items are now larger

– Restyled all language selection dropdown to use larger country icons for easier selection

Steve Wozniak Uses Xiaomi Phone

Interestingly, Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder) recently proclaimed he’s now a Xiaomi user. Xiaomi, the Chinese cell phone manufacture and producer of the awesome MIUI Android-based ROM, has grown rapidly in the last year with 18.7 million sales last year (2013). The MIUI skin on Android is very slick and to see Steve Wozniak agree really gives credibility to Xiaomi’s efforts at disrupting the mobile scene with its low cost hardware and awesome skinned Android ROM.

Read the full article here:
xiaomi visit from steve wozniak

Language Lu now on

For those without Google Play Market installed on their Android device, or if you just want to use a different Android market, Language Lu is now listed on Download it here.

Learning categories include: Greetings, Directions, People, Places, Date and Time, Numbers.

Features language Quiz which allows you to select quiz questions from all learning categories, or narrow your focus and select an individual category. Select 10 or 20 questions for a quick quiz – or 50 questions if you are ready to be challenged.

Language Lu: 学习多国语言

Language Lu

Language Lu

从这里下载Language Lu :

从谷歌市场(安卓)下载Language Lu

从豌豆荚网站下载Language Lu (安卓)



学会用语言鲁的语言。了解中国,学习英语,学习法语,学习德语,西班牙语学习,学韩语,日语学习与语言陆 – 都在一个应用程序,并全部免费。语言卢让你学习阅读和说话的母语你最喜欢的外语!所有的学习类别是免费的。



特色语言测验,让你选择各种学习类问答题,或缩小你的焦点,并选择单个类别。选择10或20个问题进行一个快速测试 – 或者50个问题,如果你已经准备好接受挑战。


– 没有噱头,让你尝试3或4类免费只为有你付出的那些你真正想要的!
– 母语翻译
– 六个类别和超过225个免费学习总项目为每种语言 – 更来了。
– 默认安装的应用程序,包括本地化的几种语言,包括英语,中国(简体),法语,德语,西班牙语,韩语和日语
– 文本和音频 – 所有做母语,包括亚洲语言罗马脚本:拼音(中国普通话) ,罗马字(日语) ,和romaja (韩文)
– 多国语言学习 – 在一个应用程序!
– 短语
– 易于使用的用户界面
– 免费
– 没有更多的安装多个应用程序来学习你喜欢的语言
– 安装语言包的音频单独以节省存储空间和下载时间
– 手机和平板支持
– 文本是可选的,因此您可以分享
– 脱机工作太
– 测验你自己,看看你有多少了解 – 或只是为了好玩!

– 英语
– 法国
– 德国
– 中国(普通话/简体)
– 西班牙语
– 韩国
– 日本

– 英语
– 法国
– 德国
– 中国(简体)
– 西班牙语
– 韩国
– 日本

研发者 88 DEPOT